Ramona 'Devil' Cortez

!st Officer - O.S.S. Redemption


Actor: Penelope Cruz
Age: Unknown
Height: 5’-6"
Weight: 120 lbs.
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Rank: 1st Officer
Weapon: Dual Century Marauder-IV Semiautomatic Pistols
Quote: “Cap’n, did you just up and destroy MY ship? Again?”


Not much is known about Ramona ‘Devil’ Cortez, and that’s just the way she likes it. The Redemption’s 1st Mate, Devil met John before the war under circumstances that neither of them ever really talks about, but their real connection was forged years later aboard John’s command, the I.A.V. Legacy. With John, Devil turned her back on the Alliance that day over Shadow and has since never looked back.

Devil is a good 1st Officer. She can also be a good university professor, a good lawyer, a good dance-hall girl, a good pilot, a good corporate executive. In other words, she can take on the role and occupation of any person and be good at it. Devil is a con woman, a scam artist, an expert forger. She has dabbled in blackmail. She can disguise herself as anyone—male or female. She can pass for a cowpoke down on his luck or play the part of a registered Companion. She is fast-talking and glib, with a vast store of knowledge about all sorts of things. She is utterly convincing in all she says and does. And when her wits and charm fail to get her out of difficulty, she can be one of the most deadly combatants in the entire ’Verse. Those who fight Devil rarely live to tell the tale.

Devil looks twenty-eight, slender and graceful, with a hair color that changes on a daily basis. She has dark eyes and an irresistible smile. She is witty, likeable, and never loses her temper.

Devil has an immense wardrobe of costumes that she and her team often find useful. She adds to this wardrobe on a regular basis, picking up pieces from each planet they visit. She has uniforms for every branch of the military on every planet and for every branch of government. She has ladies’ ball gowns, gentlemen’s fancy dress clothes, frontier chaps and dusters, kimonos, homespun shirts and dresses, law-men gear, executive suits, shepherd’s wear, Buddhist monk’s robes, and so on. Devil can pass for a twelve-year-old boy one day and an eighty-year-old matriarch the next. Devil has extensive connections on all the major Border planets. If she doesn’t have what’s needed, she knows where to find it.

Through it all, Devil always has her Captain’s back. If John needs her, she’s there – that’s her role and that’s who she needs to be. But Devil has made a lot of enemies in her time and if any of them should ever chance to recognize her, she and her Captain could be in a world of trouble.

Ramona 'Devil' Cortez

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