John Lassiter

Captain of the O.S.S. Redemption


Actor: Guy Pearce
Age: 38
Height: 5’-10"
Weight: 161 lbs.
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Gray-Blue
Rank: Captain
Weapon: Colt Python, .357 Magnum
Quote: “You pull a gun on someone I care about, I will put you in a cell. End of story. Doesn’t matter who you are or where we are. It’s about survival, not ego.”


The Lassiter family has a long history of loyalty to the Alliance. For over a century, the Lassiter Firearms Company on Londinium supplied weapons to the reigning military force, a predecessor to the present-day Union of Allied Planets. Alan Lassiter, John’s grandfather, brought his family’s name into the spotlight by engineering the first field-ready laser weapon. It was his patent, along with the contract he signed, that restricted the development and sale of all ship-based laser arms to Alliance vessels, a law that remains in effect and has given the Alliance a tremendous edge over independent forces. Some historians speculate that without the Lassiter laser batteries on every combat-ready Alliance ship, the secession of the Independents might have been successful. Alan’s son, William, joined the Alliance military as a career officer immediately following his impressive academic tenure, and rose quickly through the hierarchy, while his brother Robert continued to manage the arms company (LMC). By the time John was born, William Lassiter was a renowned general, personally responsible for quashing many attempts to subvert Alliance control in the decades before the Unification War. He had two children, brothers Dalton and John Lassiter. From an early age, both showed great promise as students, but as Dalton grew increasingly disillusioned with his family’s legacy and the stance of the Alliance, this polarized John’s position in the family and thus began his illustrious military career.

John graduated at the top of his class from the Londinium military academy where he focused on tactical command and space ops. He was commissioned by the Alliance immediately and secured promotion after promotion, becoming at 23 the youngest captain in the history of the Union. The next year, the Unification War began, and John’s ship, The Legacy, fought on the front lines. John distinguished himself as a commander in several battles, but his true test came at the assault on a rim planet named Shadow. The assault was ordered as a means of suppressing independent morale; there were no real opposing force, or even cities, just miles of rural development and small towns that existed mostly to help farmers sell their crop and purchase supplied. Aerial bombardment of all developed territories was ordered, and The Legacy was one of three ships sent to carry out the massacre. What exactly happened on the bridge of the Legacy that day is unclear, but as the ships began their bombardment, the Legacy turned its weapons on the other Alliance vessels. In their surprise, they were destroyed. The Legacy suffered considerable damage from their limited return fire, and was grounded on Shadow. Days later, a massive fleet appeared in orbit and began anew the extermination of Shadow’s populace. The Legacy’s operational weapons systems kept the Alliance ships at bay long enough for a small group of civilians to escape on supply vessels, but Shadow, along with the Legacy, was ultimatelyleft a hunk of charred rock and steel.

John Lassiter was believed by the Alliance to have died in the assault, and the reason for his betrayal was never discovered. While he was severely injured by a laser blast (ironically fired from a Lassiter battery), he was rescued by the escaping farmers and townspeople and brought on board one of the few ships that made it out of the system. After his recovery, he adopted a new identity and helped the Independent forces with what intelligence and insight into Alliance military procedure and technology he could. Unfortunately, the futility of the conflict became rapidly more apparent and the war was over within a few years. In that time, John had distinguished himself as the Browncoat captain John Malachi, and this name is still associated with independent sympathies. After the war and the dissolution of secessionist forces, Caught between his history with the Alliance and his choice to fight for the disbanded Browncoats, John chose to retain his new name and began his life as a mercenary captain.

John Lassiter

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