The ‘Verse is in turmoil going on two years after the ’Miranda Wave’

Another ship is flying on the raggedy edge of the Black trying to make it just one more day. A revolution’s coming and to the Captain of the Redemption and her crew, it’s more than the name of their ship, it’s their mission.

Welcome to Redemption, an ongoing chronicle of our tabletop RPG set in Joss Whedon’s ‘Verse.


Season One picked up about six months after the ‘Miranda Wave’ with the crew of Redemption trying every day to keep just one more step ahead of the Alliance.

Another six months later, Season Two is following our crew through the black times ahead. We’ll see some old friends and more than a few old enemies. All’s we can promise is that we’re taking this bird up out of love.

Firefly: Redemption

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