Firefly: Redemption

Season 2, Episode 9 (Part II)
"Shadowplay" Part II

July 15-16, 2520

The Crews of the Redemption, the Sierra, and the Serenity are crowded into a conference area in Independent Command’s temporary structure on Haven trying to come up with a plan. The goal: develop a plan to A) Find the I.A.V. Shadow and B) Either fake it’s destruction (if it’s commanding officer, Captain Tabokov, is in fact actually trying to defect) or destroy it outright. The question of Tabokov’s possible defection is made more difficult when Admiral Gray brings to Captain Lassiter’s attention recent back-channel communication from Alliance High Command. The communique states that the Alliance’s 6th Fleet deployment into the Georgia-Blue Sun Traverse is in response to the I.A.V. Shadow having gone rogue, and it’s captain’s intention to fly to The Blue Sun system and launch all of its Nuclear Ordinance at it’s planets. The Alliance states that it is their intention to re-capture the vessel, which they cannot locate either, to avoid a massacre of untold scale.

So either Tabokov is trying to defect, which is great, and that means our crews simply have to find a practically invisible ship, make surreptitious contact with the captain, get all of it’s crew (minus Tabokov’s hand-picked officers) off, then fake it’s destruction all while trying to avoid the hundred-plus Alliance vessels bearing down on their location, OR he’s gone insane and wants to kill millions upon millions of people, and our heroes have to do most of the exact same things as scenario one AND also destroy this heavily armed cruiser with nothing more than a Firefly class transport and maybe some rubber bands whilst not gettin’ all dead themselves. 小菜一碟 [xiăo cài yì dié] {Piece of cake}, right?

Sam: Your ship’s a piece of swiss cheese!
John: Hey! My piece of… [pause]
My ship… happens to have a few holes in her… People keep trying to kill me.
Joanna: And whose fault is that…?

As the probable dead-osity of this mission becomes evident, John’s proclamation of ‘you need to be prepared to die on this mission’ had the unintended consequence of giving Joanna (you know, his daughter) pause. With a ‘Nope’, she gets up and leaves, and after some prompting from Devil, John goes after her.

More to come…

Season 2, Episode 9 (Part I)
"Shadowplay" Part I

July 15, 2520

The Story So Far:
Flying through the black, The Redemption was battered and bruised – taking damage from a Bounty Hunter who’s just decided that the ‘dead’ part of Captain Lassiter’s ‘Dead-or-Alive’ bounty was the way to go. Just when things seemed bleakest, in swooped Captain Nico Kanai and Nathan West’s old vessel, the O.S.S. Sierra, saving the day and our crew’s hides.

More to Come…


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