Joe 'Time Bomb' Henderson

Mechanic. Demolitions Expert. Savant


Actor: DJ Qualls
Age: 25
Height: 5’-10"
Weight: 161 lbs.
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Gray-Blue
Rank: Mechanic
Quote: "Now, then, little darling. What are you, sweetheart? What sets you off, you pretty thing?” —Time Bomb speaking to a bomb


Joe Henderson (a.k.a. “Time Bomb”), is the ship’s mechanic of the O.S.S. Sierra and demolitions expert. A short, meek-looking young man, Time Bomb is often mistaken for an accountant. He wears wire-rim glasses, for he is quite near-sighted. He is very neat and tidy and precise in everything he does—borderline obsessive/compulsive. He always cuts his food—any food—into one-inch squares before he will eat it.

The twenty-five year old Time Bomb was born and raised on a mining colony. His father was the owner of the mine and Time Bomb could have lived a life of relative ease, but he was fascinated with explosives and spent as much time with the miners as possible. After an accident in which he nearly blew up himself and the family home, his father took the boy to the mine foreman and told him to teach him all he knew.

Having learned all he could about blasting rock, Time Bomb went to college to learn more. He studied chemical, mechanical, and civil engineering and accumulated a lot of hours, but never bothered to take the courses necessary for gaining a degree.

The commercial flights from his home planet to the college being long and boring (with nothing to blow up), Time Bomb became friends with the ship’s mechanic and spent his time studying the ship’s engines, which he found almost as interesting as explosives. Nathan West met Time Bomb on one of these voyages. Bored himself and always interested in ships, West wandered down to the engine room. Before the end of the trip, he’d hired Time Bomb on as ship’s mechanic.

Guns make Time Bomb nervous and he is a hopeless shot. He is shy around women, has trouble even looking at one. He generally stares at their shoes and there is speculation among the crew that he’s never seen Jade Ahn Lei from the waist up. The only woman he’s really comfortable around is Nico.

His engine room is so clean that one could eat off the compression coil. His quarters are neatly organized with everything in its proper place. He freaks out if the smallest object has been moved. He blushes easily and giggles at jokes. Yet, when Time Bomb is dealing with any sort of explosive device, he becomes another person—cool-headed, steady of hand and eye, completely and totally in command of himself and the situation.

He can dismantle bombs, as well as build them. When he does this, he has the unnerving habit of talking to the bomb lovingly, as if it was a woman.

Joe 'Time Bomb' Henderson

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